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GALLERY 01 - The Human Beast

Séverine and her husband Roubaud kill their former employer in a train. Engineer Jacques watches them, but doesn't tell the police, because he's in love with Severine. But in an epileptic attack he kills her...

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GALLERY 02 - Secretary

This secretary is very friendly and helpful.

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GALLERY 03 - Claire's Lust
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GALLERY 04 - Sara Soft

Sexy Sara Soft buys a virtual reality machine which turns her into Fuckraider!

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GALLERY 05 - Classmates

The cutest toon sluts by Giuseppe Manunta and A. Schreiner, great plot too.

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GALLERY 06 - Lara Jones

This is only the start of the journey full of sex, intrigue, sex, mystery and more sex all drawn in Diaz’s graphic color detail and presented to you in high resolution pictures and translated into English for your enjoyment.


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